Announcement Of the Liu Huixian Earthquake Engineering Scholarship

 The Huixian Earthquake Engineering Foundation (HXEEF), China and the US-China Earthquake Engineering Foundation, USA, are pleased to announce the Liu Huixian Earthquake Engineering Scholarship for graduate students in the field of earthquake   engineering from China, the United States and Singapore. Students who are selected for the scholarship will receive a certificate and RMB 10,000.
Applicants for the 2010 program must submit their application to the Secretariat of HXEEF by July 30, 2010, with a formal recommendation from the university or institute where they are studying.
A panel of experts formed by both foundations will select the awardees. Scholarship winners will be notified in October, 2010 and announced on the websites: --HXEEF, --Institute of Engineering Mechanics of China Earthquake
Administration (IEM, CEA).

Contact information:
The Secretariat of HXEEF
Add: 9 Xuefu Road, Harbin 150080, China
Fax: +86-451-86652651
Contact persons: Bing BAI Tel: +86-451-86652900
Shanyou LI Tel: +86-451-86652663

Attachment: 1.Scholarship_Announcement_in_English.pdf
The Liu Huixian Earthquake Engineering Scholarship Application Form

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